5 Best Free Courses in Hindi | Money Making Skills

5 Best Free Courses in Hindi - 1) Wordpress 2) Digital marketing 3) Python 4) Software Testing 5) Photoshop All Courses in Hindi
5 Best Free Courses in Hindi
Best Free Courses in Hindi | Money Making Skills

5 Best Free Courses in Hindi 

In this era of inflation, it has become difficult not only to run the house but also to get a job because technology is getting advanced every year and due to this the jobs are getting reduced.

Now friends, in such an era, we should not dream of taking a job on the basis of degree, that is why instead of degree, we should pay more attention towards our school and also the skills which are very demanding in the coming time, so in today's article we will talk. Will do such 5 Best Free Courses in Hindi skills that you can learn for free sitting at home even without any degree, now where to learn it, how to learn and will you get any certificate after learning them, you will also get answers to all these questions in this article.

Are about to meet Features Performance Before going to try the charger of Deluxe let me tell you that on this website we are going to talk, its name is eskilindia.org, on this website you will go to everyone and along with the certificate and the interesting thing is that it All courses are in Hindi.

1) WordPress Course

Free WordPress course in hindi :- Now WordPress is such a software on which you can create a website without any coding knowledge, that too for absolutely free, if you look at today's time, then big companies like Microsoft News Center and Sony Music websites like WordPress are billed above. This is an evergreen school that you can learn with the help of this course for free In this course you will learn WordPress Installation Cost Management Waste Management Media Management Appearance Management with Slider Plugin Management User Management Content Management System HTML CSS But this was the highlight is strange Apart from this, you are going to learn a lot, that too absolutely free, this course is of full 10 hours and 15 minutes, knowing that you will learn it well in two weeks comfortably, if you talk about end-rolling in it, then you should visit its India website. But you have to create your account and then click on this end roll boat button, after that you will reach the loan bank website where you have to fill your details and then you are ready to learn a new skill.

2) Digital Marketing Course

Best free digital marketing course in hindi :- Digital marketing courses move along with this, towards other courses, then next is digital marketing course, this course is so demanding that you can earn lakhs of rupees a month in it if you become a complete pro in it, now friends, everything is becoming digital. And it is obvious that there will be competition in industrial works too, that's why it comes to digital marketing experts who bring any company or its product in the eyes of its right customer, not only digital marketing demand website and YouTube channel score There is also a lot in getting the group done, that's why there is no shortage of work in this film at all, there is only a lack of export digital marketer, which you will become with the help of this course. Optimization Google AdWords Social Media Marketing The learning partner of this course is also on loan if we talk about its complete course curriculum, then it includes Digital Marketing Introduction and Getting Started with Website Content Marketing Email Marketing Mobile Marketing Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals of Google AdWords Social Media Marketing Video Marketing Fundamentals of Google Analytics Google Tag Manager Apart from this, you will get to learn many more in this course as well as you will have assessment from loan closure in this course. You can learn in a week only because this course is only for 6 hours 47 minutes, then what is the delay, end roll today and start your digital marketing journey.

3) Photoshop Course Free (Basic To Pro)

Photoshop course in hindi - You must have seen on the Photoshop Course of Social Media that people show everything to people through photos, whether it is a birthday, a party and even a pre wedding photoshoot is being done by everyone. Took a camera to click the photo, but photo editing is not the thing for everyone, so here definitely comes a photoshop expert and not only for social media posts but even the smallest company has to do Photoshop export to make balance. Hire, so this can also prove to be a very beneficial course for you. In this course you will see almost every teacher of Photoshop, whether it is Layers, Blur, Image, Brush Tool Tool, First Selection Tool Magic Wand Tool Tool means that every You will learn to use a tool, if we talk about its timing, then this course is of 6 hours 25 minutes but friends, you cannot learn it in a week, you will have to practice a lot by yourself, this course's learning partner is also a loan

4) Python Programming Course

Best free courses for python :- Python Programming Course Part 1 A is C language which is used in website and software development in dance automation data analysis and data visualization even many people do not program like accountants and scientists also use for their day to day work and in today's time artificial intelligence is also being used a lot in this 10 hour 38 minute course you will learn the basis of the pay the walking with input output exception handling collection regular expression working with database and many more in this course I am going to learn Python. Another advantage of learning Python is that it is easier than the rest of the programming language, if you do not learn the text well, then you can learn more.

5) Software Testing Course

Best Free Software Testing Course :- Software Testing Course is the last course Software Testing Course Software Testing is also a very good and in demand Thousands of softwares are launched daily and they are tested before they are launched, it is only here that software testers come in handy, in this course you can do live project examples. You will be able to understand how everything is done after all, if we talk about course curriculum, then in this you will see Testing Fundamentals Software Testing Life Cycle Development Model Forms of Testing Testing Testing Method Types of Testing Non-functional Testing Different Management Project Testing Course Fee Loan One In this 9 hours 15 minutes course, you will learn to do Human Software Testing and you will be able to apply for the post of Quality Assurance Analyst Software Test Engineer, Quality Assurance Team Coordinator, Est Manager, then friends, this was the top question in free and can enroll.

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